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Compare Gas and Electric Prices

Domestic energy bills are on the rise with gas and electric being 2 major contributors to why we are seeing a steady increase in cost of living. If only there was a way to compare gas and electric prices and not receive a shock from your latest bill from major energy companies. Well, you’ve found it!

Energy Switcheroo provides energy comparison services in the UK and works with our customers rather than suppliers. Energy Switcheroo has no direct affiliation with any of the energy companies and if you decide to switch to a new provider, we charge the chosen energy company a small fee, which is how we’re able to provide our service to you for free. So if you are looking to compare gas and electric prices or for help with making savings on your energy bills then you are at the right place!

We make comparing gas and electric prices easy!

Energy Switcheroo believes that energy comparison sites should be more about the price, by providing an easy to use service to help you compare gas and electric prices, from a variety of commercial suppliers for both domestic and business customers.

Start saving now on your energy bills and you might be able to save enough to buy a new car or even go on holiday!

Energy News

Energy Switcheroo continues to bring you information about the big picture, with regard to energy prices. Informed knowledge will help in deciding if you should switch suppliers to save on your bills. Although it may appear daunting, it is, with our help, a simple and straightforward process that can be repeated as future requirements dictate.

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Why do I need to read my meter? It’s easy to ignore your energy meter, especially when they are often fitted at the back of cupboards, or in awkward, hard to reach places. Out of sight, shouldn’t mean out of mind however, as locating and reading your energy meter is the only way you can

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Help on how to save money on your energy bills

Top 7 tips to saving on your domestic energy bills

  • Switch supplier online to cut your energy bills – Those who are prepared to switch energy tariff on-line and receive their energy bills by email always end up saving the most money from switching.
  • Pay your energy bills by credit/ debit Card – A typical household could save between £50 and £200 on their energy bills per year simply by switching to direct debit.
  • Choose a fixed rate deal with your energy supplier – Protect yourself from rising energy prices by switching to a fix rate energy contract
  • Turn off the lights – Lighting accounts for 19% of the average household’s electricity bill. By simply installing energy efficient lighting you could save £55/year on your energy bills.
  • Turn appliances off to save electricity – Unplugging appliances that have a light when on idle including, TV’s, DVD player, phone charges can all help save money. On average UK households spend between £50-£90 a year powering each appliance left in standby mode.
  • Become more energy efficient – Making your home more energy efficient could save you hundreds of pounds a year on electricity and gas.
  • Replace your gas boiler – You could save huge amounts of money on gas by replacing an old boiler with a new more energy efficient model.

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We compare all the major suppliers

Some of the Energy Suppliers you could switch to in order to save money

British Gas SME > Leicester, Oxford
British Energy > Gloucester
CNG > North Yorkshire
Corona Energy Major > Watford
Dual Energy > Worthing

EDF Energy > Exeter, West Sussex
EON Energy SME > Nottingham, Coventry
First Utility Ltd > Warwick
Gazprom > Manchester
GDF Suez > Leeds

Haven Power > Ipswich
Hudson Energy > Milton Keynes
Npower > West Midlands
SSE > Basingstoke, Hampshire
Scottish Power > Glasgow, Northampton

About us

Energy Switcheroo is an independent and ethical energy comparison site. We work for our customers rather than suppliers, and have no direct affiliation with any of the energy companies. We offer a free, impartial service.

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How many people switch energy suppliers online?

According to research there has been an increase in the number of consumers who switched energy supplier online changing their gas and electricity suppliers to get the best deal

Gas Contracts
In 2011 16% of gas switches happen online, increasing to 27% in 2012.

Electricity Contracts
In 2011 16% of electricity switches happen online, increasing to 25% in 2012.

Which areas of the UK are more prone to be energy efficient?

It seems that the South-East appears to be the greenest area in the UK followed by East Anglia. The following cities are where the most votes for the Green Party are found.

  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Essex

Switcheroo Online Shop

As well as saving money for customers through our switching service for Home and Business, Energy Switcheroo have an online shop that offers many energy saving products at competitive prices. Becoming more energy efficient is one of the best ways to reduce household energy bills. The online shop was created to offer customers simple and effective products to aid them in reducing energy consumption and becoming more energy efficient.

To save money on your average electricity bills and average gas bills, there are several energy saving products on offer to help you do so. Particularly as consumers should start paying attention to the amount of energy they are consuming, there are certain products that will assist this. The standby buster is an effective way of saving customers from standby electricity emitted, this simple device plugs into the electrical socket and then converts to a remote control. One of the other top tips to save money is the Intelli Plug that saves you money and energy by switching off any peripherals linked to your desktop computer when you shut down, it can also protect your computer equipment from any power surges.

The Energy Switcheroo online shop offers a variety of products particularly in regards to energy efficiency advice. These products will not just save you energy but will save you money, there are many deals on offer as well that customers should take advantage of.

Currently Energy Switcheroo is offering a fantastic voucher promotion worth up to £25 to use at the online shop. Simply by switching energy tariffs via the Energy Switcheroo’s Home Energy Switch service, the customer will receive a promotional voucher. Switch gas or electricity tariff and receive £10, however switch to a dual fuel tariff and receive £25.

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