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How to read an energy meter

Why do I need to read my meter? It’s easy to ignore your energy meter, especially when they are often fitted at the back of cupboards, or in awkward, hard to reach places. Out of sight, shouldn’t mean out of mind however, as locating and reading your energy meter is the only way you can

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Energy tariffs explained

Trying to work out which tariff you’re on is bad enough – trying to figure out which tariff you should be on would give anyone a headache. To make things easier, we’ve laid out how the most common energy tariffs work and weighed up the pros and cons of each, so you don’t have to.

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What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a new type of electrical meter that records your energy consumption in micro-segments, usually of an hour or less. Although meters that measure energy at intervals do already exist, many previous types of electricity meter simply added energy consumption to a grand total which then had to be deducted from the

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How to switch energy supplier

Like doing your tax-return, or cleaning out the inside of that icky fridge drawer, switching energy suppliers is something most of us feel like we should do, but end up putting off. Sadly, this costs a lot of us hundreds of pounds in unnecessary charges, despite the fact that changing energy company takes only minutes.

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Green energy guide

What does ‘green energy’ actually mean? Green energy is any supply of electricity or gas from natural resources that will be naturally replenished or ‘renewed’ over time. Unlike finite fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas, green energy sources will never run out, and are therefore the only sustainable way of dealing with the

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Tips on switching dual energy supplier quickly and efficiently

Swapping dual energy supplier need not be time-consuming or difficult. Take a look at the following advice on how to switch dual supplier quickly and efficiently. How to switch energy suppliers You do not have to worry about arranging a change of energy supplier yourself, with a few simple steps you can arrange for a

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Combat erratic spring weather without relying on the central heating

The unpredictable and erratic spring weather we are experiencing in Britain means many of us are relying on our boilers more than we usually do in April. Energy Switcheroo offers advice on how to stay warm this spring without relying on the central heating. There are many sensible ways you can conserve precious heat in

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Would an onshore wind farm ban raise energy prices for consumers?

Tim Yeo, a Conservative backbencher, has claimed Tory plans to effectively ban new onshore wind farms will raise energy prices. Energy Switcheroo explores the MPs warnings, and how a ban of onshore wind farms would be likely to affect consumers. To some the sight of onshore wind farms represent a blot on the landscape, whilst

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What would you buy with £410?

£410 is the average savings consumers make when they switch dual fuel supplier with Energy Switcheroo. From saving for a new car to spending money for a holiday, we look at five things we could spend £410 on….? A holiday, totally paid for on the saving you will make from switching energy suppliers. A quick

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Five energy saving tips for the autumn

As the nights gradually become darker and the days a little breezier, many of us find ourselves reaching for our central heating switches once more. Fortunately there are certain things you can do to help you save on energy during the autumn. The Biggest Saving Try switching from your present energy company, it’s easy to

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