Almost half of the UK would switch to a green energy tariff

The results of a recent poll by research group Ipsos MORI show that 46% of us would switch to a renewable energy tariff if it cost us no more than our current deal. But despite this, fewer than 2% of UK households, about 400,000, actually have an energy tariff that is sourced mainly from green energy.

The survey asked1,017 people between 16 and 75 whether they would “switch to a new electricity company if they could get energy that was more environmentally friendly at a comparable price.” Promisingly, only 11% of people said they wouldn’t, while 43% didn’t decide either way. However, the results of the poll point to the common misconception that green tariffs are more expensive than regular ‘brown’ fuel tariffs. In reality, there are plenty of renewable energy tariffs that match the price of the Big Six’s standard tariffs, which are still the choice for about 75% of households. Dale Vince, founder of the green energy supplier Ecotricity, reiterated this point saying that “many consumers incorrectly expected greener energy to be more costly while others simply had not contemplated changing”. He went on to explain that the overwhelming majority of households which have subscribed to the Big Six standard tariffs could switch to a green tariff for the same price.

People need to be better informed on how they can help the environment without adding to their bills. Even if just a few of the 46% switched to a greener tariff, our changing attitudes would force the bigger suppliers to invest in a clean and sustainable future. To find out more about switching to a greener tariff, checkout our green energy guide. You could bag a better deal for your pocket, and your planet.