Businesses could face a penalty if they do not register for the second phase of CRC

Businesses are being advised to enlist for the second phase of the CRC, The Carbon Reduction Commitment or they may end up with a penalty. The Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme that is in place is a compulsory carbon emissions reporting and pricing scheme which includes all UK businesses that use more than 6,000MWh of electricity each year.

STC Energy is a CRC partner to one of the ‘Big Six’ organisations and they are reminding their customers that they could end up with a possible penalty up to £45,000 if businesses do not complete the registration between the dates of 4th November 2013 to 31st January 2014.

Members of the Carbon Reduction Commitment must measure and report annually their energy related emissions following a specific set of rules. The scheme is relevant to the emissions that are not covered by the Climate Change Agreements and EU Emissions Trading System.

The Energy Bureau Service Director of STC Energy, Steven Rae stated “We are finding that some firms who did not originally qualify under the 2010 rules are now having to join the scheme through increases settle half-hourly consumption or tweaks to the qualification rules.”

The areas that the CRC aim at tend to generate more than 10% of the UK carbon emissions, which are estimated to be 55MtCO2. The scheme in place hopes to reduce non traded carbon emissions by 17 million tonnes by 2027 and they support the Governments plans to accomplish an 80% reduction to carbon emissions in the UK by 2050.

In 2012 the Government expressed the simplified carbon tax could save businesses around £272 million by 2030.

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