By switching, tenants could save an average of £190 on energy bills

The regulator Ofgem have revealed that individuals who live in rented accommodation could save on average £190 on their energy bills by switching their energy suppliers. Ofgem have provided guidance for the tenants to follow in regards to their energy rights as the well-known regulator feels that tenants do not have the knowledge about potential gains by switching suppliers.

The survey carried out found that 77% of individuals renting have never switched their energy suppliers even taking into account those who directly pay for their energy bills have the right to do so.

Advice is being given to tenants to scrutinise their tenancy agreement in regards to clauses with their energy suppliers, “informing the landlord or letting agent after switching power providers and taking metre readings when moving into a property as well as when moving out.”

It is important that the nine million British households who are renting understand their options when it comes to choosing and switching their energy supplier in order for them to save money.

Ofgem have been trying to help consumers when it comes to the energy market by making it simpler, clearer and fairer, fundamentally simplifying the market to help both businesses and homeowners. Their tips are set out to aid consumers in finding the best energy deal.

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