Cold Alarms – how can they help you stay safe?

Many people think that the most common silent killer is carbon monoxide poisoning, however, new studies have shown that the most common household killer is in fact the cold. More than 25,000 people die from the cold during an average winter with the most susceptible being the elderly and young children. While not all cases end in death, hospital admissions, outpatient care and social service calls are on the rise during winter.

Research suggests that with currently around 21% of homes living in fuel poverty and the cost of heating bills rising that the number of deaths or near fatalities is only set to rise over the coming years.

Easy to install and fully portable cold alarms have been created to alert homeowners when the temperature of a room falls. Each unit is fully sealed with a power pack that will last 10 years.

How cold alarms work

  • A solid green light will show when the room temperature is 18 or above
  • A yellow light will flash every second when the temperature falls to between 12 and 18
  • A red light will flash and an alarm will sound every two minutes when the temperature falls to between 7 and 12
  • Room levels are at their most dangerous at -7. When a room reaches this level a permanent red light will show and an alarm will sound for 30 seconds every minute

These units are readily available for purchase from the Energy Switcheroo shop and could help your home be a safer place.