Conflict between the Mayor of London and new Green member

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has recently been known to criticise the idea of wind power and has therefore been slated by a certain Green Party member who is said to become a member in the House of Lords.

In an article previously published called “Turbines won’t do the job…let’s go nuclear” Boris Johnson has implied that wind farms are no good and are more or less insufficient for the entire energy needs of Britain.

Instead the Mayor of London has proposed that we use nuclear power and the highly debatable fracking for shale gas to produce the country’s energy supply.

Jenny Jones who is a Green London Assembly member has hit back to Boris Johnson’s clear rebuttal of wind power, she feels that the Mayor of London just wants to gamble with the future of the UK “by backing risky technologies such as nuclear and fracking” as opposed to putting substantial resources into renewable measures such as wind power and processes that will cut the energy demand.

The UK have several wind farms that produce considerable amounts of power, the London Array generates enough power for half a million homes and the Keadby wind farm in North Lincolnshire which is due to be completed in the summer of 2014 is expected to produce enough electricity to power more than 57,000 homes. These figures show how the Mayor of London’s condemnation of wind power just isn’t correct.

By using renewable resources as a country we will save money.

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