Don’t keep replacing batteries – benefit from USB technology

With exciting new and ingenious technologies being constantly created, Moixa have invented a new rechargeable USB AA nickel Metal Hydride battery that helps you save money and avoid waste. USB cell batteries can be used in in almost any device as a replacement for a standard AA battery.

How do the batteries charge?

The green top on the battery is easily removed to reveal a USB port while still always remaining attached to the body of the battery via a piece of elastic to avoid loss during the batteries charging time.

Although these batteries can be charged using a conventional wall charger, with over two billion USB ports available worldwide appearing on every PC, laptop and many games consoles it is a very convenient way to recharge batteries without having to struggle with a large wall charger. This is a benefit as it saves on weight and space when travelling and the batteries can be charged easily either on the go or at home.

Many wall chargers and standard rechargeable batteries require you to charge your batteries overnight or for a minimum of 7 hours, however, USB batteries can be charged to 90% in five hours. The batteries indicate that they are charging via yellow LED lights on the battery, these lights will flash when the product is 90% charged and will go off completely once the unit is fully charged.

How to save money with rechargeable batteries

How many batteries would you normally buy in a year? … Moixa hope that by making it easier to recharge batteries they can help the environment, easier recharging means more frequent use that means fewer disposable batteries get made and thrown away. The Moixa USB Cell AA Batteries are available through the Energy Switcheroo Shop start saving money and energy today.