Don’t waste money – Turn it off at the wall!

Leaving appliances on standby can equate to 10% of your energy bill.

Plug sockets can sometimes be hard to reach or hidden behind furniture, it is not always easy to make sure everything is turned off. With the introduction of new products into the market including, the Energenie Remote Controlled Sockets it is now simple to make sure money isn’t wasted unnecessarily.

Ways to save money and keep your house safe!

As mentioned 10% of households average electricity bills are accounted for by appliances left on standby. You can save money instantly by ensuring all your appliances are turned off at the wall. With a remote control plug you can sleep in piece knowing you are not wasting money.

You cannot only save money with products like these but you’re also making your home a safer place. Many appliances including, microwaves and phone charges are not designed to be left on all night, and they are a potential fire hazard. With the introduction of remote control plugs into the home you can simply switch everything off by remote at night and eliminate the risk.

Just two examples of when the Energenie Remote Controlled Sockets could be useful.

1. If you have mobility issues and find it hard to bend down, these remotes offer you the convenience of switching everything off at night and flicking them back on again in the morning, hassle free!

2. Do your kids fall asleep with a TV, DVD player, music player or any other electrical appliances left on? With the remote system you could turn everything off without opening any doors or disturbing their sleep. The remote controls have a 30m range and high radio frequency meaning you do not even need clear line of site to the money wasting appliance in order to switch it off.