Draught-proofing is a cheap and easy way to save energy in any building

Simple measures can be taken to reduce heat loss by providing a barrier to draughts. Full draught-proofing could save you up to £55/year on your energy bills.

What is a draught?

A draught could be compared to ventilation, however, in the right circumstances good ventilation will help reduce condensation and damp where as draughts are uncontrollable. The constant flow of cold air can cause temperatures to drop and therefore you need to use more energy and spend more money to heat your property sufficiently.

Where can you find draughts?

Draughts can be found around the home wherever there is an unwanted gap in the construction of your home. These accidental openings can be found in places including,

  • Windows
  • Loft hatches
  • Pipework leading outside
  • Electrical fittings
  • Letterboxes

Be aware not to seal areas of the home that need good ventilation. For example rooms where moisture is produced including, kitchens and bathrooms also in rooms where there is an open fire.

Draught-proofing products are widely available but can currently be purchased via the Energy Switcheroo Shop at a fantastic 50% discount. There are four different packs available and include, 1 Double brush letter box holder, 2 Door bottom seals and 10 metres of rubber self adhesive draught excluder.

Energy Fact – If all households in the UK took the appropriate measures to perfectly draught proof their properties, every year we would save £180 million and would save enough energy to heat over 900,000 homes. (The Energy Savings Trust)