EDF Energy’s carbon footprint soars above its low targets

In recent years EDF Energy have been less green with a 40% rise in its total carbon footprint from 15 million tonnes in 2011 to 21 million tonnes in 2012. They have evidently taken a backseat when it comes to going green.

The amount of carbon dioxide given off for each unit of power rose by more than 20% from approximately 208 tonnes/GWh to 252 tonnes/GWh. EDF expected this increase even when in the previous year they had reduced their emissions, but still missed their target of 250 tonnes/GWh for 2012. They also missed their target of cutting emissions from their commercial buildings by 30% by 2012, instead only being successful in a cut of 5%.

The sustainability report remarked that the poor emission figures were mainly due to the increased operation of their coal fired stations. The Nitrous Oxide emissions produced, again rose by around 15% in one year from 0.4 tonnes/GWH to 0.46 tonnes/GWh in 2012.

The company has said they will continue to run their coal-powered stations until “new forms of low carbon energy are available to meet the UK’s energy needs.” In defense the chief executive Vincent de Rivaz made aware how the company supplied the Olympic Park with 100% low carbon electricity and The Pod, the sustainable schools programme has reached more than 9.3 million children across the UK.

EDF energy have promised to guarantee that their carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced to 60% compared to the levels seen in 2006. EDF claims that building cleaner gas power stations and new nuclear reactors as well as utilising renewable sources of energy will meet their targets.

Sourced from Utility Week