Energy is a big concern for UK businesses in terms of infrastructure

The Confederation of British Industry has commissioned a survey that explains how energy has become the biggest infrastructure concern, having surpassed transport.

The survey that asked more than 500 business individuals discovered that 77% lacked the confidence towards the energy infrastructure improving in the forthcoming years, a considerably higher number than for transport, waste or water infrastructure. This figure of concerned business people has increased since last year when the figure was 67%. The majority of concern came from manufacturers at 86%.

The report commissioned found that companies thought the price of energy was more of a worry than the reliability. 95% were unsettled by the cost of energy with 90% concerned about energy security.

In relation to the report, the Director General of the Confederation John Cridland said “the Government must get the Energy Bill onto the statue books and bring forward secondary legislation to give potential investors the certainty to deliver the energy infrastructure we need to keep out lights on in the future.”

KPMG found that businesses were also concerned with Government policies, 35% thought that they may have a positive impact but the other 65% thought that they would not have a physical effect.

The Director General of the Confederation of British Industry declares how even with the Government talking about infrastructure for the last two years there is very little to show any action has taken place. “We can’t afford any further delay. The Coalition must show strong leadership and prove that the UK can deliver on a small number of projects over the next 18 months.”

Source Energy Live News