Energy saving light bulbs can help cut household expenditure

Traditional inefficient light bulbs are being removed from most UK shops and are being replaced with energy saving light bulbs such as incandescent, light emitting diodes (LED’s) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s). The advantages of these new bulbs mean that they last at least three times longer, use between 25- 80% less energy and therefore save you money on your energy bills.

Energy efficient light bulbs still come in the vast ray of colours that we have become accustomed to and will be compact and bright. Although, initially they are more expensive to purchase, they cost less to run and need to be changed less often. With somewhere in the region of 650 million inefficient light bulbs in UK homes, changing just one light bulb to a more energy efficient bulb could save you an average of £3 per year whereas swapping all of the bulbs in your house could make you a saving of up to £55 per year. That’s how to save money every month; however, halogen spotlights will not need to meet energy efficiency standards until 2016.

Currently 90% of all energy emitted from a light bulb is heat. This means that all heat energy produce is wasted. Energy saving (halogen) bulbs have a capsule inside which contains gas making them more energy efficient and last longer. At present LED bulbs are the most expensive to purchase however, as they have a very low energy usage you will still be saving money.