Energy saving products to help improve energy efficiency and cut costs

There are several articles about energy efficiency and how to make your home energy efficient, either by installing loft insulations or solar panels, but at a low cost there are several products to purchase that improve energy efficiency.

£68 million could be saved if we boiled the correct amount of water needed, instead of filling it up unnecessarily. With the Eco kettle, it saves energy due to the hidden features of two water chambers; once the kettle is switched on you will only boil the required amount whilst the rest is stored in the second chamber. Another major concern is the amount used in a shower. If the UK showered for one minute less than usual, the UK could save £215 million on their average energy bills each year. A way to ensure that the water usage is reduced is to use a shower timer. Limiting your shower time will not only save water and energy but will save money.

Today it is very common for homeowners to use a tumble dryer, they are quick and easy, compared to hanging your clothes out to dry in the typical English climate. However on occasion you don’t need to put on a full load to dry, which makes it rather non-environmentally friendly. This is where dryer balls are useful; they retain the heat from the dryer and transfer it straight to your laundry. Dryer balls are useful for home energy advice as they save money and help in reducing energy consumption as they can save 25% in electricity every time they are used.

These are just a few energy efficient products that can be purchased to reduce consumption and cost and can be purchased from the Energy Switcheroo online shop.