Energy Switcheroo launches

After months of work behind the scenes, Energy Switcheroo launches today.

A new comer to the marketplace, Energy Switcheroo specialises in finding cheap energy deals for its customers. The comparison site provides distinct services for both households and businesses in the form of Energy Switcheroo and Switcheroo for Business. The company also plans to offer consumer-friendly advice and information on the ever-changing energy industry. Energy Switcheroo will be launching its first advertising campaign for television, radio and print in the next few weeks. More details will be released shortly.

Energy Switcheroo was conceived by a group of individuals with extensive experience in the energy sector. They felt their knowledge could benefit consumers in the form of a simple, dedicated energy price comparison service. Independent of any single provider, Energy Switcheroo values consumers over companies. Its down-to-earth and upfront approach aims to find customers a better deal on their energy supply without the fluff, guff and nonsense that seems to crowd the marketplace.

Energy Switcheroo is not an all-singing, all-dancing cast of television personalities. It is, however, an approachable, informative service that harnesses its team’s experience to help you get the best deal possible on your energy supply.

It’s switching made simple.