Five energy saving tips for the autumn

As the nights gradually become darker and the days a little breezier, many of us find ourselves reaching for our central heating switches once more. Fortunately there are certain things you can do to help you save on energy during the autumn.

  1. The Biggest Saving
  • Try switching from your present energy company, it’s easy to do online and if you keep up with information regarding price rises, then it may prove profitable to do it regularly every year. Potential savings are well worth considering. It is possible, for an average household to save as much as £400 a year from their energy bills; this applies particularly to those who have not thought about switching until now. The change is not difficult and can be repeated when ever better tariffs become available. Figures reveal that 3 million customers moved from a large supplier who was charging higher tariffs, to a small more competitive one during the past 12 months. This has recently forced the larger suppliers, to launched new tariffs in response. A good thing for all customers concerned.
  • Pay your gas and electric bills by debit card if you can. A direct debit system may save you a few hundred pounds per year. If you combine both gas and electric bills in one supplier and pay by direct transfer, you should find a very appealing tariff.
  • You can safeguard against rising costs by choosing a fixed rate deal that will remain static. This may be slightly higher initially, but will save you money if and when prices rise.
  1. Practical tips
  • Home lighting surprisingly accounts for around 19% of your energy bill. So when not using a room turn off the lights and replace the bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  • We all have several appliances that often remain on standby mode, If a little light is glowing then it is using up ‘Vampire power’. Does it need to be on if you do not use it on a regular hourly basis? It is estimated than an average household may waste up to £90 a year on items that are on standby.
  • Close doors and windows, shut rooms not in use, turn down central heating just a notch, you will not know the difference. If you go out for the day or longer turn it down to just create background warmth.
  1. Tips that may sound inconvenient, but get into a habit, and save money.
  • Use a steamer to use one hob ring instead of three.
  • Never leave the iron on while you do other jobs. The cost of using the iron is extremely high, per minute.
  • Let your hair dry naturally for an hour before using the dryer.
  • Switch off the oven five minutes early, the food will continue to cook. You can cook several things at once and freeze them.
  • Kettles cost 28 pence an hour to run. But on average a washing machine only costs 4 pence an hour to run, make sure you fill it rather than clean half loads.
  1. Spend to Save in the long run
  • Do you have an old boiler or one that is not properly lagged? It may prove worthwhile having it replaced. Initial expense will soon be saved back and you may even be able to get an assisted grant. Other old appliances may be costing you a lot of money to run.
  1. Seek advice
  • Keep an eye out for Energy Switcheroo articles on how to save serious money. We bring you useful advice about your energy needs.