Give your home or business a unique decorative makeover with low energy LED wallpaper

The latest decorative concept has arrived in the form of LED wallpaper. Give your home, office or business space a new makeover with this unique and exciting low energy and long lasting wallpaper.

The three techniques used

LED’s in wallpaper – Each strip of wallpaper includes integrated lamps emitting light and creating a repeat pattern. The pattern on each strip of wallpaper is able to be controlled separately and colour and brightness can be adjusted.

Printed LED’s in wallpaper – Using a different type of technology means that the LED’s can actually be printed and form part of the wallpaper design. The method used is unusual and requires small amounts of Zinc Oxide and a conducting Polymer to be used. The manufacturer must first coat the wallpaper with a resin called Cyclotene to act as a water repellent protective barrier. The wallpaper is then printed using a technique more like spraying. This technique can be used on other surfaces such as fabrics and plastics as well as wallpaper.

LED panels – LED panels will replace conventional wallpaper and will have a colour changing function. It has been proposed that the panels will have an extra featured linking them to an audio system which will allow the LED’s to change colour and create a pattern in response to music. This is currently being engineered by lighting and electronics manufacturer Philips and a Danish company called Kvadrat Soft Cells who formed a partnership in 2011.

Top Fact: You could save money with LED wallpaper, as redecorating large rooms will now be easier and cheaper with décor being changed at the touch of a button. Echoes are softened and noise levels diffused with thanks to integrated soft cells.