Government funding for green buses to be created to cut pollution

The Government has revealed that extra funding will be made available to create more low carbon buses in order to cut pollution. The government is releasing £2.4 million in order for 55 green buses to hit the roads and to also make dozens already on the roads more environmentally friendly in a bid to clean their exhaust fumes. This is in addition to the £12 million that was granted in May this year with an extra £5 million given to the Clean Bus Technology Fund.

Local authorities and towns including, Oxford, York, Manchester and Sunderland have been awarded the funding due to their eco friendly buses including electric, hybrid and biomethane gas. The already existing Government’s Green Bus Fund will grow with this project, after grants were awarded to 11 local authorities that upgraded nearly 400 buses earlier this year.

The funding provided will help to improve the quality of air among towns and cities and reduce carbon emissions in parts of Kent, South Yorkshire, the Midlands, Buckinghamshire and York.

This type of funding is a cost effective way of improving our environment and benefiting the public. As well as the efficient bus services being environmentally friendly, they are also good for the economy.

Similarly up north, Transport Scotland announced funding of £2 million for their green Bus Fund in the financial year of 2013-2014. The aim of the fund is to help support low carbon buses across Scotland via bids that can be made to buy low carbon emission buses.

In addition to low emission vehicles it is also important to drive “green”, Energy Switcheroo offer tips on eco-friendly driving to help the environment and to reduce the costs.