Green and easy driving – Some simple tips to help reduce fuel consumption

For many people a car is an essential part of everyday life. Each individuals driving style will have an impact on their fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Everyone is able to do something to make their driving more environmentally friendly and attempt to lower carbon emissions. By just driving smarter the average UK driver could save between £300 and £350 each year.

Here are a few tips to get the best from your car and can help towards a sustainable environment:

• Choose the car that is most suited to your needs, if you are someone who only does short distances and uses a car as a “run around” then choose a car that is small and fit for your purpose.

• Drive more economically, shift to a higher gear as soon as you can, driving at lower speeds reduces fuel consumption.

• You should also drive consistently, harsh braking and acceleration uses more fuel than you think so anticipate the road ahead.

• Use gears wisely, there is no need to over rev your engine, 3rd gear can be more flexible than 4th gear in a 30mph limit.

• Driving at 50-55mph can use up to 30% less fuel than if you drove at 70mph. Equally driving at 85mph uses 25% more fuel than 70mph.

• Begin driving as soon as possible after starting the engine, but drive smoothly until the engine has warmed up.

• Well-kept vehicles use less fuel and pollute less so check tyre pressures, lighten your load and keep your engine in tune.

It is important to think about your journeys, always try to avoid unnecessary trips and find an alternative route. If you become a smart driver it is not only one of the easy ways to save money but will lead to a greener future.