Households switching energy providers has decreased dramatically

Due to the constant news of rising energy prices when consumers have seen their fixed price deals coming to an end, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have noted that only 2% of consumers have switched to a new supplier in the second part of 2013. People who fail to switch are at a loss of missing out on the best deals that are available to them.

A handful of energy suppliers are now offering deals that could lead to prices being fixed until 2017 after the announcement from Ed Miliband that he would freeze prices on energy bills if he wins the general election in 2015.

Certain “big six” companies are offering fix deals up to the start of 2017 with consumers saving a potential £71 a year.

With 38% of British consumers worried about their winter energy bills, it is a wonder as to why consumers are not opting to switch. 63% of people have decided to lower their energy usage to ensure that they are not hit with unexpected charges that could lead to financial problems.

Customers are worried about energy providers as it was recently stated that Scottish and Southern Energy would be facing a £10.5 million fine because of their mis-selling of energy.  Customers found their service to be prolonged and extensive.

Energy companies are expected to increase thier prices as we move further into winter and these could result in £142 a year increase on the average energy bill.  If consumers want to protect themselves from rising prices, they should try switching via Energy Switcheroo to find the most suitable tariff for your needs.