How could an Eco Kettle help you save energy and reduce water wastage

Have you ever wondered how much water you need in the kettle, then to have either over or under filled it? Heating water uses far more energy than you would expect and many overfill their kettle with water that isn’t necessary, usually twice as much. With the introduction of the Eco Kettle, this is no longer a problem.

The Eco kettle is a stylish alternative to your current kettle and assists with energy saving due to its concealed hidden feature. This kettle allows you to completely fill the water tank but only heat the water that it actually required.

The Eco kettle contains 2 separate water chambers, the first one being the main 1.5 litre reservoir which can hold up to 8 cups of water and the second being the boiling chamber. The Eco kettle is similar to a standard kettle in regards to the capacity of water; however, the amount of water available in the main chamber is visible via one of the two water gages on the side of the kettle. Putting pressure onto the Eco knob at the top of the kettle will transfer your required amount of water into the second boiling chamber. You can now see the amount of water available on the second gage, which shows how many cups you can fill. (On average a teacup requires around 200-250ml to fill.) Save money with the Eco kettle as once it is switched on you will now only boil the required amount of water whilst the rest is stored in the reservoir chamber for later use.

The Eco kettle is available for purchase from the Energy Switcheroo shop.