How could your business benefit for becoming more energy efficient?

One of the main reasons businesses strive to be more energy efficient is to save money. Savings can be made in a business by changing even the simplest measures to improve efficiency. These improvements can have a substantial impact on the bottom line costing as businesses in the UK pay tax on every unit of energy used in the form of VAT and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

The Carbon Trust believes that UK businesses could save over £400 million per year collectively by taking a few simple steps to improve the efficiency of hot water boilers. However, there are many improvements businesses could make including, lighting upgrades and also simply becoming more aware of the energy they use. With investors and customers valuing energy efficiency in a business more and more now, has there ever been a better time to make these improvements.

Case study – save me money by becoming more energy efficient

By installing energy efficient lighting Premier Decorations saved £67,000 on its annual energy bill. This new system cut power consumption from 830kW to 212kW and reduced the company’s CO2 output by 271 tonnes (

Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) has been created as a joint venture between the Carbon Trust and Siemens to make finance more affordable for companies wishing to make green investments. This scheme is open to any companies with a minimum of 3 years trading.

“The EEF scheme matches monthly payments to real monthly energy cost savings, which means that firms effectively end up paying no extra for their new equipment investment” says Darren Riva, Head of Green Financing of the EEF scheme.