How eco-gadgets are becoming ‘must haves’ in environmentally-conscious homes

The need for everyone to become eco-friendly has taken on more importance in recent years. Governments see the need to protect our environment as best as we can, despite our need to use its dwindling resources. Latest developments have seen big improvements in eco-gadgets that can be incorporated into an environmentally conscious household lifestyle. If technology can be made to function just as well under eco constraints, then more and more individuals will accept and wish to use the green alternatives.

The world of green technology now covers a multitude of objects from cars powered by hydrogen to the humble recyclable container. Here are just a few of the gadgets who already, or may soon be “must haves” in your home.

  • Wind up and solar powered radios have been around for a little while, it is not something that was immediately taken up by the general public, except in countries with poor communications. The cranked radio has been a godsend to isolated communities. However what about Solar powered keyboards for your computer? There is even now a three kilowatt solar backpack that can charge your MP4 music player, mobile phone or laptop when you are on the move, both from natural and even artificial light.
  • Kitchen apparatus including, automatic switch off devices, solar powered whisks and water overuse regulators designed to help raise awareness of how much water is being used, are now appearing on the market. See our Eco-Kettle that only boils what is needed.
  • Economical lighting can save a small fortune over the course of a year. Energy efficient bulbs come in many sizes and designs, from light emitting diode (LED) to fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Take a look at our special packs of CFL bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use one quarter of the power of a normal light bulb and last longer, in fact up to 25,000 hours. LED lights will keep going even longer at up to 80,000 hours, and although more expensive, seem well worth the investment.
  • Motion detectors are another must have gadget. Fitted to rooms not in use, and outside parking facilities they will help reduce lighting costs.
  • You can install eco-devices that will automatically put your computer or television in sleep mode when you need to do other jobs for a short time. See our importantStandby/shutdown gadget that will save on “Ghost” electricity loss.
  • Even the digital camera is an eco-product, compared to the old cameras with their roles of film. Saving a lot of money in film and processing and doing away with highly toxic chemicals that harm the environment, including; acids, metol, and Hydroquinone.
  • It is now possible to have a clock that will keep perfect time, yet it is run off of nothing but water.
  • It could well not be long before all our plastic wrapping is made from mushrooms. A type of fungus has been found with properties of adaptability that could well see it take over from the unnatural plastics we use, in every room of our homes. Already it is being used in scientific buoys at sea.

Consumer electronics are now the biggest contributor to electricity consumption in British homes, accounting for 28% of electricity. According to a study the festive season increased the UK energy bill for a year, by £393 million. The same survey showed that 60% of people forget to switch off everything before going to bed. Therefore whilst we are plugging in and switching on, we all need to be just as aware about switching off, when not needed.

Energy Switcheroo has a responsibility to keep you informed about energy saving, and to guide you towards cheaper supply, innovative technology that benefits our planet, and good ideas in line with a new eco-friendly society.