How much could you save with tank, pipe and radiator insulation?

Fitting an insulation jacket and putting lagging on hot water pipes is one of the easiest ways to save energy and in turn save money. Your boiler may already have a “jacket” on, if so, check the thickness; having a British standard jacket around your boiler of at least 75mm thick will cut heat loss by over 75% and could save you around £45 per year and will also save around 230kg of carbon dioxide.

A hot water cylinder jacket costs around £15 from most DIY stores and the fitting is a straightforward job, you should recoup your costs within six months of installation.

Insulating your pipes will cost around £10 and is also an easy job if you have access to the hot water pipes; however, you may require professional help if your pipes are in harder to reach places so prices may vary, the cost of fitting is generally recovered within the first 12 months.

Radiator reflector panels are also available if you are trying to reduce your energy consumption and save money. These panels are fixed behind your radiators and reflect heat back into the room instead of allowing it to escape through external walls. Reflective radiator panels are more beneficial however if they are installed on un-insulated walls.

How to save money every month’ – this is a question many consumers ask, by implementing one or all three of the above energy efficient measures, money can be saved on a continual basis.