How switching energy suppliers works: In four simple steps

Have you considered changing your household energy supplier? Do your bills seem high compared to what your friends and neighbours appear to be paying, or perhaps you have never considered that it’s possible to change, believing that the company you are with is determined by where you live?

The truth is that you can easily change your electricity and gas supplier. It is quite probable that if you have been with the same supplier for a long time, you are paying over the odds for your supply. Now it is even easier than ever to search out a good deal. As well as the six big companies to choose from all with several options and tariffs, there is a growing number of independent companies, who during the past year or so have actually been offering better deals to potential customers who sign up.

You can make energy savings in just a few simple steps.

  • Contact a switching company such as Energy Switcheroo and tell them who you are at present dealing with. Give them an idea of how much you are paying, simple if you have been keeping your energy bills. Any further information that may be needed will be printed on those bills, such as the type of tariff, address and method of payment. They will also need to know your postcode.
  • The switching company will search countrywide for suitable deals that will benefit you and present a list of possible tariffs that could save you money.
  • All you then need to do is study the various options and choose which is most suitable for you and inform the switching company.
  • The work of actually switching will be done for you.

Frequently asked Questions about switching energy suppliers

How long does it take to change energy suppliers?

The whole process takes around three weeks, after a 14 day cooling off period, when you can change your mind.

Will it cost me to switch?

Advice from Energy Switcheroo is completely free.

The cost of supplying you with energy tends to vary according to what method of payment you choose. Discounts are given for some types of payment over others, direct debit is often cheaper. So be aware of what is being offered. You should make sure that you settle your final bill with the old company promptly. If your method of payment is by direct debit or possibly by a standing order, make sure that you cancel the agreement after paying the final bill. If you are on a fixed term contract, you will be allowed 42-49 days before the contract ends to decide to stay with an existing supplier or switch to a new one.

Do I have to change meters or equipment?

Under normal conditions you would not have to change existing equipment. Your new energy supplier will use the same connections and meters as your old supplier and you need not worry about being disconnected. The only change will be a different company name on your bills.

Do I have to tell my old supplier?

No, your new supplier will arrange the transfer for you.

With Energy Switcheroo, changing your household gas and electricity supplier couldn’t be simpler.