How to be energy efficient in the office, simple ways to save money

An office houses a magnitude of electrical equipment that if not turned off properly will waste electricity and waste money. By following simple things you can do at your own desk and in the workplace, you will benefit the environment and fundamentally companies’ energy bills could save up to 20%, according to the Carbon Trust.

• Energy Suppliers – By changing energy suppliers’ average utility bills could drastically be cut. Energy Switcheroo offers easy switching for commercial use as well as domestic.

• Heating and Cooling – Switch off the heating when the office is empty.

o Reduce the heating to areas that aren’t used often

o Ensure windows are closed when the heating is on to keep heating efficient.

• Lighting – Use natural light whenever possible

o Energy efficient light bulbs may be more expensive but will save in the long run.

o Switch Off – ensure lights are turned off when you leave a room

• Office Equipment – Keep machines maintained regularly, this is the best way to ensure efficiency

o Using screen savers is unnecessary, more efficient to use power down settings.

o Don’t leave equipment on standby, there are several energy saving gadgets available that will do this for you, such as the Intelli Plug.

• Transport – Most people have to travel to work and will use transport.

o Car sharing is an option that is readily used nowadays.

o Use public transport if possible

o Ensure staff are aware of fuel-efficient driving techniques.

By following these simple tips on energy efficiency advice, it will not just improve the carbon emission from an office but they are all simple ways to save money.