How to switch energy supplier

Like doing your tax-return, or cleaning out the inside of that icky fridge drawer, switching energy suppliers is something most of us feel like we should do, but end up putting off.

Sadly, this costs a lot of us hundreds of pounds in unnecessary charges, despite the fact that changing energy company takes only minutes. With Energy Switcheroo, you can compare electricity and gas prices and choose a new tariff to suit you at the click of a button. Well, OK, three buttons to be precise.

If you’re still unsure of how switching energy suppliers works, or just need a little help getting started, read on. And remember, switching with us is absolutely free. You can find out more about Energy Switcheroo and the service we provide in our ‘About’section.

Before you begin

To start comparing gas and electricity prices with Energy Switcheroo, you need to have a couple of things to hand. These include:

– The name of your current supplier

– A recent bill that details how much you spend on gas and electricity

– The name of the tariff you’re currently on

– The payment method you wish to use

We’ll need all this so that we can find the energy deal that’s right for you, and then accurately tell you how much you can save by switching. If you don’t know your tariff or aren’t sure how much your last bill was, don’t worry. We can still compare energy pricesfor you, it just means that you will receive an estimate of how much you can save instead. We also need to know your payment method as certain tariffs only accept some types of payment.

Start your switcheroo

Next, hit the big blue button to start your switcheroo. All you need to do is enter your postcode, and then fill out our simple form for gas price comparisons, electricity price comparisons, or both.

Compare energy prices

Once you’re finished, you can then start comparing energy prices. There are two filters: one that filters by fuel (gas and electricity; gas only; electricity only), and another that filters by tariff (all; fixed or capped only; green and environmental). You’ll find that the tariffs are visible in order of price, with the cheapest at the top of the page.

Which tariff is right for you?

Of course, everyone wants a good deal on their energy rates, but it’s also important to think about the type of tariff that will be best for you in the long term: do you want to go green? Or are you looking for a fixed rate which will keep your energy bills steady in the near future?

If you’re not sure about which energy tariff will work best for you, click through to our guide to energy tariffs.

Switching to your new tariff

Once you’ve found your preferred provider you can apply through us straight away. Simply click the ‘apply now’ button and enter your details in the form provided.

You will be asked if you currently have a smart meter and for your gas and electricity meter numbers, where applicable. You will also need to enter your payment details. These details will only be securely forwarded to your selected provider. This is in order for them to set up payment for you. All your information is encrypted, and we take no payment from you whatsoever.

Once you’ve filled out the form, all you need to do is contact your supplier to let them know that you are switching energy company. You can do this by phone, or post, with your final meter reading. The transfer should take between four and six weeks, when you will receive instructions from both your previous and future supplier in order to set up the new service.

That’s it?

Not quite! Things move fast in the energy industry and gas and oil prices are highly volatile – something which impacts heavily on your energy bill. To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your energy, it’s best to check back Energy Switcheroo once every twelve months.