In the future will we rely on solar power from space

An endless supply of clean energy as solar power is generated in space.

It is the belief of some that Space Solar Power (SSP) will not only help, or be considered a step in the right direction but it could actually ‘solve’ the world’s clean energy problems. The world needs to find new sources of clean energy and SSP could be the answer. Energy would be gathered from the sun in space and transmitted to earth wirelessly with very little environmental concerns.

SSP is one of the most abundant forms of energy known in our solar system and is already available on most spacecraft’s used today. The sun has an estimated lifespan of between four and five million years and according to the National Space Society, SSP would be the most efficient and long-term solution to the earths energy needs.

Advantages of SSP

  • SSP doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases
  • Unlike nuclear power generation SSP does not result in toxic waste that must be stored
  • SSP is far more effective than terrestrial solar and wind power plants as power form the sun is available 24/7
  • Power sent from space can be directed anywhere on the planet and can be converted for local needs

Disadvantages of SSP

  • SSP would require highly expensive development costs

What is needed to make SSP work

  • Cheaper and more eco-friendly launch vehicles – current models are extremely expensive and if launched on a regular basis could have an environmental impact of their own
  • Generation of large solar power satellites
  • Creating the most efficient method of transporting power back to earth with as little environmental impact as possible