Just tumble with dryer balls

The most environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes would be to hang them out to dry, however with the typical English weather this is not always as easy and you rely on your dryer. It is not very environmentally friendly to put in a small load to dry but with the dryer balls it will make it a little greener.

The dryer balls work by retaining the heat directly from the dryer transferring it straight to your laundry, therefore aiding in the drying process. They work together to lift and separate the laundry whilst drying so there are fewer creases.

There is no need to use a fabric softener in conjunction with the dryer balls as the specially designed nodes on the balls are used to break down the stiffness that is created by water that dries in the fabric, thereby softening your laundry with out the use of an artificial softener.

The dryer balls are kinder to the environment as with fabric softeners you are effectively coating your laundry with a fine layer of a petroleum based artificial chemical and fragrance. More or less every chemical that touches the skin will find a way into the body and may be toxic. The dryer balls are a natural way of softening your clothes.

The dryer balls are good for home energy advice, as they will save you money and aids in a substantial reduction to energy consumption as they save 25% in electricity each time they are used.