Largest battery in Europe that has the potential to help power Britain

A trial is set to start of the construction of the largest battery in Europe that is proposed to transform the UK electricity grid in a hope to boost renewable energy. This new technology will test new methods of seizing electricity for release over periods of time. Finding ways to store renewable power from wind and solar generation is fundamental in maintaining a constant supply of energy.

The problem has been with the technology behind storage. Storage is always a complicated procedure and when you are talking on such large scale the same problems experienced in smaller devices are simply amplified.

The project that is located at an electricity sub station in Leighton Buzzard and is proposing to construct one of the biggest batteries is set to cost £18.7 million, £13.2 million being sourced from the UK taxpayer. When the construction is completed, the battery is supposed to have a 6MW capacity battery installation, which will be able to absorb and release energy to the expected demands of the grid, however results are not anticipated till 2016.

One of the companies contributing to the project, S&C Electric Group, said that Leighton Buzzard was the chosen location as it housed the required infrastructure such as good grid connections and could hold the capacity for a large scale battery installation. The installation is hoped to show the strengths to storage and its capability to being prominent in the technology for the transition to low carbon energy.

If this trial were successful it would mean that the UK could save money, to the extent of £3 billion a year in the 2020s through larger scale energy storage.