Learn how to save money with these 5 smart energy saving apps

AlertMe Energy Map – free from iTunes

Energy Map allows you to find out the average spend per household in your area on gas and electricity and also provides information on how much carbon is created. You are able to rank your current location against other areas in a league type table.

Meter Reading’s – available from iTunes

Meter Reading’s allows you to closely monitor your household energy and water usage and track your household utility meters. Once meter readings have been submitted via the app, your usage, costs and savings will be generated and displayed in easy to read graphs.

Kill-O-Watts – available from iTunes

Kill-O-Watts is an electricity cost generator. Choosing from a list of 120 typical household appliances you can identify how many kilowatt-hours it consumes and how much you will pay for it monthly / yearly. This app also allows you to compare the consumption costs between 2 different electricity brands.

Green Meter – available from iTunes

Green Meter computes your vehicles power and fuel usage helping to increase efficiency reduce fuel consumption and cost as well as lower your environmental impact. Results are displayed in real time whilst driving but can also be used before you even enter the car.

Carbon Calculator – free from iTunes

Carbon Calculator is a greenhouse gas emissions calculator. By inputting you’re driving, flying and home energy use you can find out your footprint and compare your emissions with the world’s average.

Downloading energy saving apps could show you ways to save money at home.