London Zoo, the first to take part in new energy saving scheme.

As part of the Low Energy Company Scheme this week, London Zoo is set to be the host of the launch. In charge of organising the programme is the Energy Managers Association, and the programme will commence on the 3rd October at the penguin enclosure.

The scheme is said to offer training for the employees of London Zoo on how to manage and reduce their energy usage in the workplace. Lowering their usage will also help them to show their sustainable credentials through certification of being a Low Energy Company.

The CEO of the Energy Managers Association, Lord Rupert Redesdale who spoke at the 2degrees event last Friday explained how London Zoo faces the same problems that many other companies face in terms of energy. A particular one that other companies are more than likely to not face, is trying to cope with penguins incontinency. Lord Redesdale describes that their incontinency is a result of swimming, which means in order for them to swim in a clean and filtered pool, the 500,000 litres of water must be filtered three times each day in order to remove their excrement, using a hefty amount of energy.

By training most of their staff, the staff will feel engaged and feel a sense of satisfaction. “The staff then are coming forward to us and actually coming up with ideas of how they can make further savings that haven’t been thought of.”

By encouraging employees to change their behaviours at the workplace it tends to promote energy efficiency at home.

Source Energy Live News