New York and its lights, all year round on the street and at Christmas on the tree

New York City, typically known as the city full of lights is leading the way with energy efficiency by turning all of its 250,000 standard street lights to LED bulbs.

The bustling city’s Mayor Michael R Bloomberg, has announced the change after a news conference in Brooklyn with fellow Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

In one boulevard, lights have already been replaced and there is expected to be a saving of $70,000, equivalent to £43,500 and almost a saving of 248,000KWh each year. And this is only one boulevard.

The project began as a pilot scheme in 2009 switching 3,635 across to LED. The project for a full re-fit is expected to be done in three phases, finishing up the change in Brooklyn then to move on to Queens and then the rest of New York.

The Major has announced the switch as a “large and necessary feat.” (New York Times)

Similarly to the UK’s bid to reduce greenhouse emissions, this switch is part of a long-term scheme to reduce emissions in New York by 30% by 2017.

The initial saving of $70,000 is expected to reach a saving of $14 million a year once the full project has been completed. The LED lights have a life span of about 20 years without the need of being replaced. With the project costing $76.5 million it is safe to say it’s definitely a long-term plan to save money.

Christmas in New York is notorious for its lights and Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre. In 2007 it was the first year that it went “green”, turning its usual lights to 30,000 LED lights reducing its consumption 3,510KWh to 1,297KWh per day. This shows that The Big Apple is doing their bit to help the environment.