Prepare prior to a holiday and save both energy and money

By simply turning appliances off at the wall before you leave for your holiday, you could save money.

As many as a quarter of home owners forget to switch off lights and unplug many household items before leaving to go on holiday. A study by energy supplier E.ON suggests that many households are missing out on considerable savings by being wasteful and forgetful.

A good way to remember to turn off all unneeded appliances while you are away is to keep a holiday checklist, reminding you to make adjustments to appliances in advance to escape hefty energy costs. It is estimated that purely leaving household appliances on standby when not in use could account for 10% of households average electricity bills.

Energy Fitness Expert at E.ON, Beverley Maguire said, “As well as securing your home and turning off all the lights, it’s important not to forget the many items we have plugged in at home that are simply draining energy and cash away. We’d urge everyone to ‘switch off before they jet off’ so they can make vital energy savings”.

Top tips to save money

  • Turn all appliances off at the wall when not in use
  • Do NOT defrost fridges and freezers. It costs more to switch them on again after defrosting than it does to leave them running
  • Leave the fridge at 5’C and the freezer at -17’C which is the recommended temperature
  • Completely switch off heating in the summer when possible
  • Do not over fill the kettle when boiling