Recycling can save money and help the environment

Recycling one plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours!

Why should we recycle?

Recycling more household waste reduces our dependence on landfill sites and therefore reduces the amounts of harmful emissions such as methane being emitted into the atmosphere. As well as the positive impact on the environment recycling common household materials such as plastic bottles means that the materials can be reused to make new products. Recycling more of your household waste would also reduce the amount of times you need to put your general waste bin out for collection.

Home energy advice – How do you set up a home recycling system?

Many types of councils provide each household with a black general waste bin and a green bin for general garden waste, food waste and cardboard to help homeowners separate their rubbish. Others may also provide three smaller bins for recycling glass, paper and plastic and tins along with a separate bin for compostable items such as vegetable peelings, these can be kept indoors.

Along with the variety of bins you can also create a small area within your house, ideally in the kitchen, where recyclable items can be correctly sorted and neatly stored. When you take out your general household waste you can deposit your recycling in the outside bins. Suitable indoor containers for storage can be purchased from many household retailers.

Top Tip: Keeping a recycling bin and a general waste bin in every room in your house could make it easier to remember to recycle other household products. Research suggests that while most of us recycle in the kitchen many of us forget to recycle other items around the house.