Reducing the food waste in London boroughs could save £79 million

The Waste and Resources Action Programme revealed the results of the six-month “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign in partnership with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. It showed how the West London boroughs reduced their food waste by 14%. The campaign that is in place to reduce food waste could save households in London million of pounds if implemented across the whole of the capital.

The programme announced that the London boroughs could save up to £1.3 million each year through avoiding the waste costs, and “implementing the campaign fully would deliver up to £8 saving for every £1 spent.”

The Waste and Resources Action Programme estimated that London householders could save up to £79 million and cut approximately 29,400 tonnes of food waste.  That is calculated if the 14% for West London boroughs was scaled to the whole of the capital. If the reduction in food waste from the trialed boroughs was scaled up, it could total around 68,000 tonnes meaning huge cost savings for local authorities of up to £7.3 million.

Waste disposal is one of the most expensive areas for the local authorities. Dr Richard Swannell who is the Director of the Waste and resources Action Programme states, “a short term investment can deliver short term and potentially long term gain, both financially and environmentally.”

Approximately a staggering 890,000 tonnes of food is thrown away each year in London, costing boroughs more than £50 million to dispose of and 65% of waste could be avoided.