Royal energy costs will increase with the arrival of the new Prince

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their new baby boy.

As families grow energy prices increase. Research carried out by Eon earlier this year suggested that two thirds of new parents found their energy bills rose dramatically on the birth of their new baby.

Due to the increased use of tumble dryers, washing machines and TVs families found their bills shot up, especially in the first 2months after the birth. Eon found that 40% of parents tumble dry more frequently and 33% had to do ‘significantly’ more washing than previously done. Also due to new parents spending more time in the home it is estimated that three and a half more hours of TV is watched.

With the arrival of a new baby, energy bills are probably not on the forefront of every parents mind, however, with some simple steps you can insure that you don’t excessively use energy in your home.

How to save money after the birth of your child

Using an energy monitor

A great way to save on energy bills is to monitor the energy you use and try to cut back in the most demanding areas. View our recommended TREC energy monitor currently 15% off in the Energy Switcheroo Shop.

Switch energy supplier

Make sure you are on the best tariff with the best supplier for your individual needs. See how much you could save by trying our free online comparison service for household energy bills.