Save millions through sustainable initiatives

Businesses can save huge amounts of money by taking energy management more seriously.

Retail is a sector that can benefit highly from the implementation of more sustainable initiatives. We hope to show this by using the examples of Mark & Spencer and Matalan and highlight some of the areas in which they have been successful.

Marks & Spencer

The company claim that since the introduction of their ‘Plan A’ programme they have achieved 139 of their initial 180 sustainable targets set by themselves 6 years ago. These included, becoming carbon neutral and eradicating the need to send waste to landfill. In achieving these goals M&S have saved £135 million.

Latest reports from the company suggest they are still improving and have cut their waste by 28%, water usage by 27% and carbon emissions by 23%.

Marc Bollard, CEO of M&S said: “It has made our business more sustainable and more engaging for our customers and employees.” (Energy Live News, 07/06/2013)


The British company have cut their energy usage by 18% by installing wireless energy technology and managing their consumption levels.

The company has saved over £760,000 by installing a control system that monitors the lighting, heating and cooling systems in 155 stores. Due to the success of the systems Matalan are looking to roll out the initiative to 206 of their 216 stores and are estimating the potential saving to be over £1.7 million.

David Derbyshire, Environmental Manager at Matalan Retail Plc said: “We’re committed to reducing our energy consumption … and this is reflected in our energy bill…” (Energy Live News, 07/06/2013)

How to save money in your business?

Top Tip: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. You have already paid for the majority of the waste you dispose of; therefore reducing waste can reduce costs.