Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by driving an electronic vehicle

The most obvious advantage of an electric vehicle (EV) is that they don’t produce the pollution associated with petrol or diesel vehicles therefore cutting carbon emissions.

Things to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle

The major factor when purchasing an electric vehicle is the price. Some fully electric cars sell for around £64,000. Electricity is cheaper than gas so although you will save money over time with an electric vehicle, it will take a long time to see the benefits.

Another factor with electric vehicles is speed. Electric cars are not designed to go fast with the current top speed of most cars being less than 60 miles per hour. Tesla Motors however, have earned worldwide attention after being founded in 2003 by introducing the Tesla Roadster in 2006. The two-seater sports car accelerates from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and has a travel range of more than 200 miles compared to many electric vehicles having a range of around 40 miles.


  • Electric cars are 100% free of pollutants.
  • With many cars having a battery range of 40 miles, it means that most people can commute to and from work on a single battery charge.
  • With safety being a major concern it is worth noting that fluid batteries take impact better than a petrol car.


  • Price, cars with a better battery life will cost significantly more than those with a shorter range. This varies from around £19,000 to £64,000.
  • Silence can be a disadvantage since many road users like to be able to hear a vehicle approaching them.
  • Charging vehicles can be a time consuming process.