Save money at home with these practical family pointers for going green

“The simplest definition of green living is making choices based on what’s right for the environment” explains Chris Ward, Education director at the Cleveland County Conservation District.

Raising a sustainable family is achievable even if you don’t have green fingers. If you think your family can’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things then you’re wrong. Every family can have a huge impact with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Top tips to save money and become more energy efficient at home.

  • Use less water -Toilets account for 30% of all indoor water use; consider installing a low flow toilet and reducing the amount of times you flush. When washing your car always use a bucket and sponge and never a hose.
  • Grow your own – teaching children to plant and harvest their own food is not only educational but fun too and makes them feel as though they are part of providing for their family.
  • Reduce wastepay as many bills as you can online to reduce paper and purchase more reusable options of household goods such as plates and napkins instead of buying paper versions.
  • Aim for less plastic packingBuying staple foods such as cereals, rice and beans from bulk bins saves purchasing un-recyclable plastics and containers. Always opt to purchase products in glass jars where possible or check that the plastic packaging can be recycled.
  • Create your own cleaning productsmany natural cleaning products can be made from basic household staples such as lemons, baking soda and vinegar. Natural furniture polish can be created with olive oil and lemon juice.