Save money on your energy bills by following some simple tips.

By changing certain habits you have around the house, you can save money on your energy bills. Here are just a few tips to help with those rising energy bills for the Autumnal season ahead.

The kitchen is most probably full of electrical appliances, which will consume a lot of electricity. Check the food you have stored in your fridge and freezer before you go shopping as wasted food contributes a lot towards carbon dioxide emissions.

• Only boil the required amount of water, as boiling unnecessary water is a waste and it uses more energy.

• Keep lids on pans as much as possible as this will reduce heat loss and can speed up the cooking process.

• Cooking in large quantities is more energy efficient, so cook in batches and freeze extra portions.

• Make sure you have a full load for the dishwasher and that the most efficient setting is on.

Home energy advice can reduce the cost of your energy bills drastically.

• Turn lights off when you leave a room and only switch the light on if it is really required.

• Don’t leave things on standby as this could save you between £50-90 a year. There are a lot of unnecessary standby emissions that use energy and electricity. A useful piece of equipment is an intelligent controller that will automatically switch off other peripherals, for example all equipment linked to your TV would switch off when the TV does. Energy Switcheroo stock online, several standby controllers.

• Even allow the brightness on your TV to be dimmer, the brighter the TV, the more energy it uses.

• When it gets darker at night, draw the curtains to keep the warmth in and shut internal doors.