Save money with energy efficient double glazed windows

You could save approximately £170 per year on your energy bills and lower your level of CO2 emissions just by replacing single glazed windows with double or even triple glazed windows.

Why insulate your home

All properties lose heat through windows. However, efficiently glazed windows will keep your home warmer, reduce noise levels and help to reduce your energy bills.

How does double-glazing work?

Double-glazing works by two panes of glass having a gap between them creating an insulating barrier to keep heat in. If air is allowed to move freely between the glass panes it can conduct heat within the inner space and reduce the insulating effect of the windows. Double glazed windows usually have the air inbetween removed to create a vacuum. The bigger the gap between the panes the better the insulation effect of the windows

The glass usually has an unnoticeable coating of metal oxide on the internal panels next to the gap. This metal oxide allows light and heat to get in but restricts the amount of heat able to escape. Triple glazed windows work the same way but use three sheets of glass.

Top tips to save money: A secondary pane of glass and frame can be fitted to your existing window. These won’t be as efficient as a double glazed unit but they are cheaper to fit and could save you £100/annum on energy bills. To cut cost further these secondary kits can be purchased for self-installation.

There are many different ways to save money as well as installing secondary glass panes, heavy-duty curtains can be used to reduce heat loss and reduce draughts.