Save your money – Create your own fuel!

Create your own fuel and help protect forests, reduce landfill and save on energy bills.

The heavy-duty log maker offers an innovative way to recycle your waste paper products and turn them into a fuel to save money on heating bills.

What would you normally do with old newspapers, shredded paper, junk mail, wood chippings, cardboard and left over wrapping paper? … Well now with the Eko-Mania Paper Log Maker, available through the Energy Switcheroo Shop, you can turn all this junk into fuel to burn on an open fire or wood buring stove. At Energy Switcheroo we are always looking for different ways to save money. By generating briquettes at home you are not only saving on the cost of wooden logs but you are keeping your heating bills down.

So how do you make logs?

Firstly shred or tear all your waste paper products and leave them to soak in a bucket of water, stirring occasionally. For best results the paper should be left a few days until it is falling apart easily. Take the paper and fill your log maker, push down on the handles to squeeze the excess moisture out and within seconds you would have created a paper briquette. Remove the briquette and leave to dry before buring.

Top Tip: Make your briquettes during the summer months, and store them for winter.

If you are interested in a wood burning stove, how do you know what size stove you will need? By using the below formula and the dimensions of your room you can calculate roughly the size you will need. Adjust the figure slightly up or down dependent on; how many outside walls, how well insulated is the room, what other heating facilities are there.

Length x Width x Height x 0.07 = KW