Simply switching off your gadgets could save British households £600 million a year in energy costs, report finds

The fifth year of a special energy saving week jointly organised by the Energy Saving Trust along with Citizens Advice and the Department of Energy, was held from the 26th Oct, 2015. Its sole intention was to come up with ways that we in Britain can save 600 million pounds on energy bills over the year. The event is also aimed at providing information about any financial support people are entitled to as well as raising the public’s awareness of the possibility of changing their energy suppliers if they find cheaper tariffs with another company. This is something that a surprising number of people were unaware they could do.

Many of these tips may seem obvious, but with the busy lifestyles we lead, we often fail to take the time to implement such strategies.

Let’s look at a few of the suggestions to consider there viability in your home environment.

Switch off, simple home remedies to save energy

  • Cutting out phantom power, is one way you can save. All the appliances in your home that are on some form of standby are actually still costing you money by trickle using energy. There could be many in your house, for instance you may have more than one computer system glowing at night. Is there anything in the kitchen with a small light showing? Do you leave mobile phones on charge all night?
  • Do you leave lights on when they are not needed? Movement sensors that will switch them off when not needed, could prove worthwhile.
  • Plug anything in a room that you can switch off at night into one extension socket, and then make it a habit to switch that off each night.
  • Set your home heating and hot water to come on 30 minutes before you get up, and switch off or reduce before you go to bed.
  • A hot water tank, thermostat should be set to either 60 Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit.
  • Close all your curtains overnight to stop heat escaping and check for draughts near windows and doors.
  • Fill up the washing machine, or dishwasher. A full load costs less energy than two smaller loads. Switch off tumble dryers in the summer, when the sun is out.
  • Only boil as much water as you need.
  • Repair leaking hot water taps.

Complete a home energy check to find out about savings serious amounts of money per year Look up the Energy Savings Trust home energy check at You will be able to get a report that will show your own home’s use of energy and any possible savings that can be made.

Switching energy suppliers

Shopping for a new energy supplier could save you money, particularly if you have never done it before. You may have been on a high tariff for years, so contact an accredited price comparison website, such as Energy Switcheroo and get independent and up-to-date information. Keep the following information handy:

  • The name of your present energy supplier
  • The name given to your existing tariff.
  • Try to figure out how many units you normally use each month, the information should be on your bills.
  • How do you pay your bills?
  • Confirm your postcode.

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