Spend on players? Or spend on renewable energy measures

With the football season well underway, it has come as a nice surprise that the Championship team, Middleborough FC have just signed a multi million pound deal for a wind turbine. Therefore this football club will be the first major club and sports venue to be solely powered by wind. In 2010 Manchester City were supposed to go green, with a wind turbine however it was brought to a halt due to health and safety.

The wind turbine is said to cost around £3.5 million to plan and install and the 1.5MW turbine will provide all the electricity needed for the stadium for a full 20 years commencing May 2014. It will benefit the club hugely as every year the turbine will save the club on average 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The Chief Executive of Middleborough FC, Neil Bausor explained how the renewable measure would give the club that “major environmental lead in football”.

He made a point of saying how energy consumption is a predominant part of business nowadays and that the Championship football club have worked hard to reduce their costs. “It is exciting to think we will become the UK’s first football club to have a completely sustainable energy consumption programme.”

This introduction of the wind turbine benefits to the renewable energy industry tremendously. Empowering Wind who is the energy developer for the wind turbine has said the project is “the first of its kind in Europe.”

It is said that a wind turbine situated in a place with a similar power usage and wind profile could save approximately £3.2 million during the forecasted 20 years.