Switching energy suppliers could be key to saving you money

Energy price tariffs are constantly changing meaning that suppliers are constantly trying to win new customers. It could be wise for customers to take advantage of this themselves. By moving deals every six months to a year can ensure they get the best deal possible.

There are several tricks to saving.

• Ensure you do regular metre readings. Don’t just rely on an estimate your energy supplier provides.

• By changing to online bills you could save up to 10%.

• Dual fuel is not always the cheapest option; compare dual fuel prices with separate gas and electricity prices.

•Try to avoid prepayment metres. If you are able to swap to a billed metre it could save you money in the long run.

• Using monthly direct debit payments could end up saving you 5-10%.

If a consumer has never switched before then switching energy providers could save up to £310 per year. The energy tariffs on the market differ greatly as there are over 400 available. Some are based on one fixed price per unity of energy, whilst others use a tiered system.

The average household energy bill is around £1,352 a year, which has risen drastically from £819 just five years ago. At the moment M&S Energy are taking on the Big Six when it comes to energy prices and according to the latest energy news they are the cheapest for gas and electricity for this winter with a Fix and Save tariff, this charges a flat rate until the end of October 2014 of on average £1,139 a year.

Many people are put off by switching suppliers as they believe it to be complicated, but if you use energy efficiency advice and switch via an online comparison service it will make the process simpler.