The auto rollover on contracts that EDF Energy offers with no exit fee

EDF Energy has launched an automatic rollover contract, which means that there will be no exit fees for small and medium businesses (SME’s). If small businesses do not contact the company at the end of their contract, their prices will be frozen for a year but they also have the freedom to leave at any point without paying a penalty if they find a better deal.

Other energy companies such as British Gas, npower and SSE have announced plans to end this contract rollover but EDF Energy has claimed that keeping this will enable customers to have the best of both worlds.

The Director of the SME’s at EDF Energy, Richard Hughes has stated “We believe this truly meets the needs of small and medium business customers – and underlines our commitment to offering innovative, bold products which put our customers in the driving seat.”

In light to EDF Energy launching this rollover, Scottish Power have decided to stop offering the automatic rollover from April next year and to existing customers later in 2014.

The news of Scottish Power’s decision has come after Ofgem launched its new code of conduct ensuring suppliers treat their customers fairly.

Ways to save money on your business energy bills

Suppliers removing the automatic contract renewal clause, offers businesses the chance to compare the energy market. To find the most competitive offer moving forward at the time of renewal and for assistance in negotiating a renewal contract please call the Energy Swictheroo business team on 0800 046 9076 or fill in one of our short enquiry forms.

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