The Brits are too ashamed to ask for advice when it comes to energy

According to Home Heat Helpline who did research into consumers and their energy bills, they found that one in six adults are “too ashamed or shy” to ask for advice when it comes to knowing how to lower energy bills.

The helpline gives support and advice on the different schemes available to customers, such as the Warm Home Discount and the ECO. They also provide help when it comes to the management of energy bills. A concerning figure was that 60% of adults will avoid asking for help even when it is fundamental they receive it.

Energy UK run the Home Heat Helpline and the CEO Angela Knight said, “It can sometimes be difficult to admit you need help, whether that is when paying your bills…heating your home.” (Energy Live News 2013)

The statistics show that only around 42,000 people called the helpline in 2012, which represents just 1% of people who are in fact entitled for help. Over £300 million is available to those categorised as vulnerable people, so the organisation are hopeful that more people will get in touch to receive advice.

Earlier in the year, Home Heat Helpline grew their social media campaign in order to reach more people. They found this was effective in reaching the younger generation but less so in the elderly.

Angela Knight says that people should call on behalf of others, those who are less capable to maybe do so.

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