The efficiency of showers over baths

With the average bath tub requiring around 30- 50 gallons of water to fill and a power shower using around 136 litres of water for just 8 minutes, the question as to which is the more energy efficient could not be more applicable.

Most homes built before 1992 will more than likely be fitted with a shower head using around five gallons of water per minute, if you multiply this by the number of minutes you spend in the shower your water usage will soon start to add up. One of the most effective ways to check how much water you are actually using in the shower is to leave the plug in and when you have finished you will see exactly how much water you have used without even realising.

A new innovative way to ensure that you reduce your water usage in the shower is by using a shower timer. As well as educating children about saving energy and water, this is also useful for adults to use and is an easy way to reduce the time spent in the shower. Limiting the time you take to shower will not only save water and energy but will save money.

Simply set the timer by using the minute and second’s button and attach to the tiles via the suction cup and press start. The timer will begin to countdown and as soon as you’re allotted time has run out an alarm will sound indicating that the duration of your shower should end.

So save with the Energy Switcheroo shop by purchasing the small easy to use, digital alarm shower timer in the fun shape of a duck.