The government at loggerheads over green taxes as Tories wish to cut them

This week David Cameron has been accused by his coalition government, the Lib Dems, for being “panicky” when it comes to making decisions as he wishes to cut green taxes which push up our energy bills.

The Prime Minister is now at loggerheads with the pro environment Liberal Democrats after his announcement, which apparently was very unexpected. His sudden pledge comes after the former Prime Minister, Sir John Major tried to encourage that energy firms pay a one off tax to help with soaring energy bills.

David Cameron was unable to explain his reasons why he wouldn’t take dramatic action against rising bills, as Ed Miliband and Sir John Major suggested. Instead he is of the opinion to cut green taxes on bills. The Prime Minister said that these taxes accounted for £112 of an average dual fuel energy bill and they should be lowered. The fellow governing body in coalition, the Liberal Democrats want to keep green levies in place as they feel they are important in “creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply for the UK.” (BBC October 2013)

David Cameron reminded Ed Miliband that he put the green charges in place under the leadership of Gordon Brown, and they are too high. This statement was retaliated with Miliband saying how 60% of green taxes had been introduced under the current coalition government as Cameron wanted to lead the “greenest government” to date.

Energy firms have now been called before Parliament to give evidence in regards to the dramatic price hikes as they come at a time when homeowners are financially struggling and it’s a case as Sir John Major said “heat or eat”.

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